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About Me

Computer scientist with significant experience in project management, analysis and web design. I have a particular interest in exploring new computational solutions and leading projects (customer relationships, planning, budget).

I have a Master degree in Communication Theory and Technology (University of Milan – Bicocca – 2007).

Over the course of more than eight years of professional experience, I have developed competence in different IT companies  in Italy and Switzerland.

I work independently and adapt well to different working environments. During my career, I have enjoyed the opportunity of working with colleagues with a wide range of professional and academic backgrounds – from mathematics and physics to marketing and sales. This has strengthened my ability to lead a diverse team. I believe that, during times of adversity, it is essential to stimulate creativity and discussion in order to move forward to the best solution.

My career to date has provided me with invaluable opportunities to indulge in regular contact with clients, and to further build on my interpersonal skills. In particular, this required me to learn how to explain our work in layman’s terms for non-technical audiences.

My curiosity and my dynamism have guided me throughout my professional life and private life. My travels around the world, which always lead to enriching encounters, have helped develop my language skills, and opened myself up to different cultures.

I am very serious, a hard-working, flexible and motivated person.


Organizational skills: I have acquired considerable skills during my university years (at the State University of Milan – Bicocca) and my professional career, in which I have coordinated teams and managed projects.

Relationship skills: I enjoy working with other people in multicultural environments. I like working in environments where open communication is prized and where teamwork is fundamental.

Artistic skills: in my free time I practice airbrush drawing; free hand.

Sport: I play tennis and Ultimate Frisbee, and also snowboard.

Professional experience

The only way to do great work is to love what you do. - Steve Jobs

Project Manager

Team manager for enterprise-oriented applications (NextOne, Content management and Business process)

Front End analyst

Mockup and final interface design in front-end development projects. Interpreting graphic visual and interaction designs

Graphic Designer

Designer of company logos crafted to present information in a way that is both accessible and memorable

Assistant professor

Collaboration in the NOMADIS project (mobility study). Mobility data collection. Statistical analysis.


Here some of the projects that I have worked on


NextOne is a “smart digital solution” or registering the entry and exit of people at a company’s premises. The focus of the solution is not the company employees, so the application can be integrated, and it is rather complementary, where it is already a “time and attendance” management system. NextOne can also be used to […]

9up Ultimate

9up Ultimate is not a sportswear company – it’s a group of Ultimate-addicted friends that weren’t satisfied with just playing and wanted to make Ultimate an important part of their everyday lives. 9UP Ultimate was born from a dream of two Italian players, Moreno Scalise and Luigi Taborelli. We wanted to offer high quality products […]


Kofax is software that automates document-driven business processes by managing the transformation and exchange of information arising in paper, fax and electronic formats. In all the projects I have participated in: process of requirements analysis, solution design, development, testing, installation…

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Education & Training courses

Some of My Education & Training courses


Master’s degree in Communication theory and technology

State University of Milan – Bicocca (Milan). Graduated with honors


Kofax certification

Kofax Technical Solutions Specialist certified in Kofax Capture 10


Google Digital Garage certification

Digital marketing fundamentals



Diploma of completion: RPA Starter Training

Art creation and hobbies

Some separate technical points…

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+39 339 84 23 061



Via Felice Magno Ennodio 10, 22100 Como Italy